The team at SLUMLXRY are excited to announce that the legends X&HELL have launched their very own podcast. Click the pic to check it out as they discuss all the important nonsene that made it into their brains this week.


Maybe it is a record label but really it is so much more. SLUMLXRY represents the action behind the dreams and desires. We are here to help creatives get there, to live out their dreams. With a focus on music we create, release and promote music. As well as getting up to a whole lot of other mayhem too. We are on a mission to find, create, publish some new sounds that will hopefully shake up the world. Well at least we will have some fun along the way.


We also run a full service recording studio in Melbourne, where we can record, produce, mix any music creation you desire to bring into the world or make doper.

We believe the music is the cheapest luxury in life. It is available to all and can have such a profound affect on your life. From framing memories to defining who we are. Think of the emotions that can come spilling in from just hearing the opening riff of a track that influenced your life. That you partied to, that inspired you, that set the soundtrack to a time in your life. Slumlxry is that dichotomy the beautiful and the cheap, the gangsta and the groove.